Archaeological Museum of Tripoli

Archaeological Museum of Tripoli

Firstly, the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli is in itself, a landmark. It is a wonderful neoclassical building that was designed by Ernst Ziller. The Hospital Evagelistrias was formerly housed here. Today it hosts innumerable treasures of ancient Arcadia.

On entering the Museum visitors are welcomed by 50 tombstones and inscriptions. There are three rooms with sculptures and reliefs, both Archaic and Roman. One room houses various sacred objects from the full spectrum of Arcadian history. Another room is devoted to the history of epitaphs and samples from political and social life, resolutions, contracts and other accounts.

The excavations at Sakovouni Kamenitsas revealed important Neolithic and Early Greek utensils for daily life. There are also samples from pre and post-Mycenaean years from Palaiokastro of Gortyna which are now in the Museum. There are a large number of figurines, of a rare technique, the renowned native stirrup jar from Gortyna and a plethora of other exhibits.

Panarcadian Archaeological Museum of Tripoli
Tripoli – 22100
contact 2710-24.21.48 – FAX 2710-24.22.27

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