Local products – tastes full of innocence

Local products – tastes full of innocence

A place that loses its tradition, loses its future. Arcadia fortunately is dedicated to its traditions, it honours them and promotes them. The fruits of the earth are authentic. Stock breeding is carried out with the same respect as ever. The wine wins distinctions and honours precisely because of the primeval Arcadian connection with the vinous tradition. The works of art that the visitor may find reflects centuries- old knowledge.

The land of Arcadia produces everything. The small variations in climate produces special varieties with a tastiness that’s not to be found elsewhere. Tegea potatoes glitter like gold. Lithovouni produces delicate garlic that’s always tasty. The cherries and sour cherries are one of a kind. The chestnuts from Skyrida are so sweet and tender that they can be eaten without either boiling or even roasting them. The Golden Pilafa apples are known for their top quality and are certified with Protected Designation of Origin.

The dairy products of Arcadia are much sought after by all the markets. Tripoli’s spicy graviera cheese with its rich texture sells literally like hot cakes. Feta, mizithra and pasta made from locally produced milk, with their authentic age-old recipes are the taste ambassadors of Arcadia.

The meat dishes made from tender local goat and lamb are really a pleasure. Nothing better than a kagiana with pasto and tomato next to the fire-place. The professionals in Tripoli and everywhere in the area are proud when they can offer the best results of their efforts.

The land of Mantinia has produced such eclectic varieties of grapes that already from antiquity it was renowned. The tradition is being continued by vine growers and wine makers with a passion for wine and its history. Mantinia wine is recognized as high quality and exported to demanding markets.

Weaving, wood carving, traditional cooking utensils, copper pots and pans and needlework are only examples of crafts that can be found in Arcadia. Women who have never lost contact with their roots and skilled workmen who learned their craft from their fathers and grandfathers continue their contribution persistently.  In the villages and in Tripoli, on every corner of Arcadia, the traveller will find an authentic piece of art work. The patterns that are used are primeval, time-honoured techniques. Plant patterns on woven-cloth, geometrical symmetry on needlework, the colours and unusual materials, give modern man a chance to feel the magic of the past that in Arcadia has never been wiped out.

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