Gastronomy – a fine Arcadian tradition

Gastronomy – a fine Arcadian tradition

Every city and every village in Arcadia has its own gastronomy tradition. The common factor is, the unchanging Arcadian products. With such outstanding ingredients the Arcadian cuisine has of course reached great heights. It is simple with a strong tradition. The same dishes that the traveller will try in Tripoli and Kardara and Vitina, have been tasted by Pausanias and Dionysus’ initiates at their all night ceremonies. It is wise cooking, balanced, with great harmony in the tastes. The main ingredients are choice meats, particularly the excellent local goat and lamb, the organic vegetables, the secret herbs and the authentic dairy products.

The Arcadian bread is another matter. Due to the very good water it is very tasty. There are traditional bakeries in many villages but also in Tripoli.

The Mantinian wine, known from medieval times right up to today is, along with the other Arcadian wines, an excellent companion to the regale tastes.

Trahana(a kind of pasta), fragrant smoked pork (called pasto) and pork jelly are tastes of nostalgia for cold winter  nights that can be found in Arcadia.

The confectionery is another story.  Many fruits, chestnuts, apples, walnuts, quinces, cherries, pears, are combined with skill to finish off the enjoyment of the meal. The spoon sweets are famous for their fragrance, because the mountain climate produces very aromatic fruit. Tray-baked deserts are a big tradition here and made with old authentic recipes. Sfingi with honey and cinnamon, galopita, ergolavi, moustalevria, are still made in Arcadia, not only as they were made two or three centuries ago, but from the beginning of civilization.

The gastronomy in Arcadia is one of a kind, it’s simple and clean which is appealing. In the many shops, tavernas and restaurants this tradition is offered to the traveller with dedication and care.

In Tripoli there is a unique liqueur. It’s called TIPOTA (meaning NOTHING). It was first created in 1949 by the imaginative Nikolas Biris. He made it so as to offer it, in a playful way, to those who whenever asked what they would like always answered ‘nothing’ (tipota). An exceptional liqueur, with a great little story that brings smiles and nostalgia.
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