Nightlife – Arcadia celebrates life

Nightlife – Arcadia celebrates life

Tripoli as well as all of Arcadia knows how to enjoy every moment. When the sun goes down and the moon appears, then the partying begins. Really nice shops in the city and  friendly haunts in every village, small tavervas and restaurants, they play music, open bottles of choice drinks and the night-time fun starts.

Whatever takes your fancy, it’s to be found here. A small quiet taverna where a group of friends can sing in low voices together until morning. Cosmopolitan bars with  music and other influences from all over the world. Ouzeries where idle afternoons can be continued without changing shop. Eclectic tavernas who practice the art of cooking only as they know how in Arcadia.

In Tripoli, and further out, the night lights up with desire for life and meeting up with people. Summertime in Tripoli friends go from one shop to another until eventually they all meet up in the square of Ares for breakfast. In winter the fires are burning. Maybe with a guitar, with rounds of drinks being treated and laughing, in the end everyone gets together. The strong experiences that the Arcadian night offers become stories to be told that are shared round bars, with clinking glasses and promises to get together again as soon as possible. The number of friendships that have started that way, are not few. In Arcadia where all year round pretexts can be found for one more high jinks.

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