Tripoli through the Museums – visit history

Tripoli through the Museums – visit history

When in Tripoli the visitor feels a spontaneous urge to visit the museums. Besides the fact that the city is a historic heritage, the museums house the history of people. All the different ways of Arcadian life are displayed in these outstanding museums.

Arcadia is a place that caused even the ancient cultures to wonder at it. Even then it was ancient, as Aristotelis said. And that can be seen everywhere.

A stroll through the museums will reveal to the visitor an unimaginable reality. A visit, first to the Archaeological and then to the Folk museum, will reveal the amazing continuation of the civilization through the centuries. The visitor will see that although they are surrounded by a large contemporary city, in essence it belongs to another world. To the world of Arcadia. Unchanged and immortal. If the traveller has stopped off at a cafe for a rest and taken time to observe the local faces as well as the statue of a shepherd from 5 BC, he will notice that the Arcadian is always lively, always the same. It is he who with persistence makes his culture. And the observant visitor will realise, that at that moment while he is glad and enjoying himself, he is making history, because it will make enriching the museums worthwhile.

Archaeological Museum of Tripoli
Archaeological Museum of Alea Tegea
War Museum of Tripoli
Tripoli Museum of Copper
Museum of Alexandros Papanastasiou
Arcadian Museum of Art and History
The Mainalo Museum of Forest History
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