The Theatre of the St George’s Park – the theatre with nightingales

The Theatre of the St George’s Park – the theatre with nightingales

The theatre is a work of art. A small stone building at one with nature, it has become a symbol of Tripoli. It hosts exceptional performances and musical evenings throughout the summer. The children’s theatrical performances are particularly well matched here. It’s a joy to watch the toddlers and the well dressed ladies chirping open mouthed until the performance begins.

The little theatre only opened in the 70’s. However people love it and during the summer it is full every afternoon.

The Theatre Companies honour it with their best productions. It should be pointed out that though it is in the open, it has very good acoustics. On its stage, the Little Prince has charmed us, they have put on The Ecclesiazusae, great and well known Artists have been heard here.

The Municipality of Tripoli organizes cultural events every summer and  takes particular care that there are always good quality performances on at the theatre.

When the stage empties and the audiences and artists leave to continue  their evening in the eateries and bars, another theatre group comes on stage, the horseshoe of the theatre is occupied by nightingales. A stroll in the direction of the little theatre around dawn is worth the trouble. If you go slowly and quietly so as not to frighten the lilliputian vocalists off, you will hear the most beautiful symphony.

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