Mountain climbing - Arcadia touches the sky

Mountain climbing – Arcadia touches the sky

Mainalo and Parnonas are among the most fascinating of all the mountains of Greece. With abundant water, strange geological formations, unique and rare fauna and flora, the mountains of Arcadia are among the most coveted destinations for mountaineers.

The mountaineering clubs of Arcadia are very active and have a great knowledge of the conditions in the mountains, which makes sense, as Arcadia, with its mostly mountainous culture, has never forgotten its traditions. Some demanding routes and other more manageable ones create the framework for an activity that is not solely athletic, but also unites man with the forces of nature.

The mountaineering clubs here work with others nationwide and also with ecological groups, both to promote mountaineering itself, and for the protection of the mountains and to illustrate the important part they play in our lives. Specifically themed meetings such as, for example a gathering to get to know the microcosm of mushrooms, have raised the bar for local mountaineering requirements. Many schools now organise excursions to Arcadia to be initiated by experienced climbers, who are also ecologists in the world of peaks and ravines. There is great effort to cultivate a genuine ecological conscience, whilst respecting the environment and the future generations that will inherit it.

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