Target Shooting - with ourselves as opponents

Target Shooting – with ourselves as opponents

Five shooting clubs have made ​​history in Tripoli, a very reasonable number for a city that exists precisely because of its love of weapons. Today, of course, shooting is an entirely peaceful sport, even quite noble. It requires concentration, clarity of mind, calmness, coordination of the senses and finely tuned movements. Even in competitive target shooting, where the marksmen compete in accuracy, they still have only themselves as opponents. Their quest is that the next shot is better than the one before. It is an upcoming sport that offers great excitement.

Tripoli organises rifle competitions in the spring with impressive participation. The marksmen are a unique “tribe.” Usually they are very dedicated to the sport, they love the equipment and show great respect and camaraderie towards their fellow sportsmen. Given their love for nature and their sporty attitude they are, more often than not, people of high standards. Tripoli with its great tradition welcomes them and provides the infrastructure and care to enable them to engage in a sport that was once a privilege of the nobility and the elite. Today it is proving to be a great passion for people with a steady hand and an indomitable mind.

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