Skiing - Trails in the embrace of the snow

Skiing – Trails in the embrace of the snow

The snowy Mainalo is an amazing world of beauty and ritual. Since the opening of the premium ski resort of Ostrakina it has become a magnet for enthusiasts of winter sports.

The eight slopes at Ostrakina have graded requirements. There are some for the beginner who has just taken the first steps in this magical white world and also for the experienced skiers who enjoy the refreshing wind and descend with confidence.

Experienced instructors teach the basic techniques as well as offering advise to perfect those who are at a good level and still want to learn more.

The distance from Athens is short and the prices are very affordable. Families, groups of friends and organised clubs head uphill on the lovely, typically Arcadian road up to Ostrakina to enjoy their favorite sport. A spread of villages and small towns like Vitina, not far from Ostrakina and along perfectly passable roads are ideal for rest, good food and wine, to help friends to reminisce over their experiences and to arrange their next meeting here.

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