Ostrakina Ski Resort - the symphony of the snow

Ostrakina Ski Resort – the symphony of the snow

Mount Mainalo is one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece, renowned virtually the world over. In the winter it turns into a majestic backdrop straight out of a fairy tale. The whiter-than-white snow spreads over everything creating incredibly beautiful scenes and routes.

Ostrakina lies at 1600 metres altitude and offers unique times in the snow. This is one of the best ski resorts in Greece. Fans of skiing appreciate it especially because of the beauty of the surrounding landscape and for its excellent infrastructure. The ski slopes are excellent, as is the refuge. It offers a guest house and a chalet with a lounge and a restaurant for meeting up with friends and family, or to rest and enjoy a warm drink or a meal. There are eight ski slopes of varying difficulty and requirements and four ski lifts. You do not need to have your own equipment, as here one can find everything necessary to start and at very affordable prices. Experienced trainers take responsibility to initiate beginners in this special sport.

Young aspiring skiers can complete their first slalom at Ostrakina. The ski resort is just 27 kilometers from Tripoli, and via Road 111 it is linked to Patras. The junction to reach Ostrakina is on the main Patras -Tripoli Road, near Kardara. Kardara is a lovely village with great restaurants that welcomes excursionists, mountain climbers and skiers. From Kardara the ski resort is only a further 10 km.

The route is quite smooth and you can continue on by car to find the beautiful village Vytina, with its well-known products, always of the highest quality and its fine food.

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