Arcadia – Conference Tourism

Arcadia – Conference Tourism

Arcadia is the beloved land of poets, archaeologists and in general cultured individuals. Untouched by the plagues of modern life, beautiful and mysterious, Arcadia is one of the few corners of the earth that maintains its grandeur and pride.

The haze that envelopes Arcadia, its depth of mythology and its rich history have enchanted visitors throughout the centuries. In recent years re-visiting of the Arcadian ideal has begun with a link to our current reality. Conference tourism, which is a dynamic evolution of continuous exploration is a trend that is prolific in Arcadia. People from all over the world, charmed by both the history and the hospitality of Arcadia, are invited here to complete their work while simultaneously submitting to the allure of enchanting Arcadia.

The infrastructure of Tripoli and the surrounding area are ideal to host prestigious conferences, conventions, and themed workshops.

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