Sports in Tripoli

Sports in Tripoli

Arcadia has a long athletic history. In ancient times Arcadian athletes always gained first places at the Olympic Games. Its indefatigable nature with its many mountain routes was and is a first class track.

Following this traditional track, Arcadia and Tripoli in particular are bursting with athletic activities. The combination of excellent facilities and infrastructure along with proper care has made it one of the most active cities in training. The Tripoli Municiple Sports Centre is the largest Centre in the County. It offers young people the possibility to train and practice a healthy way of life. It has an open track, sheltered facilities for volley and basketball, three tennis courts, games facilities, football pitch and a swimming pool. Local and national competitions are organized with great success.

In Tripoli there are over 40 athletic associations covering all the different areas: track, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, martial arts, weightlifting and naturally football with the Tripoli Stars.  It also has shooting societies and flying clubs. The contemporary Ski Resort of Ostrakina is a big attraction for winter sport lovers. Of course rowing in Lousio is a life experience.

Arcadia’s enchanting nature is the most beautiful stadium. It is a paradise for every kind of sport activity. Because of this it is the preferred destination for sport associations and clubs who come to Arcadia to combine unique hospitality, a beautiful landscape and their favourite activities

Sports tourism is becoming a powerful emerging field for Arcadia. The Arcadia of Olympic Champions welcomes as only she knows the contemporary lovers of life.

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