Footpaths on Mount Mainalo - Hiking in the footprints of the ages

Footpaths on Mount Mainalo – Hiking in the footprints of the ages

Mount Mainalo, with almost 2000 m altitude is one of the most mysterious mountains of Greece. It dominates the middle of the Peloponnese and is distinguished for its natural wealth and beauty. On its lush green slopes, since the dawn of the world man became a predator, architect, and musician, learned to live in towns, discovered the charms of art, the assistance of divination and met face to face with God.

The paths that run through this mountain have been carved through the centuries. On these same paths where the hiker will find himself, admiring the gorges and shelters and an infinite number of birds, Apollo himself has marched, as well as Pan and Asclepius. The mystics of Dionysus have walked and the passionate Maenads, it was after them that Mainalos was named. Artemis and the Bear look over them and they are guarded by the Virgin Mary. The gorge of Lucius with monasteries and temples, the saddle of Dimitsana, the secret Arkoudorema have become one with the myths and legends and history of Arcadia.

An autumn walk from Davia to Piana and Alonistena, Vytina, Stemnitsa and Chrysovitsi is a journey through time, to the beginnings of the world, the medieval baronies and the rebel states. A walk in the spring from Pyrgaki to Elati and Magouliana and then on to Valtetsiniko and Rados is to enter the most hidden paths of the world.

In every thicket rested a nymph, each stream is holy water. And the song of birds is a secret language that carries the eternal message of Arcadia straight into our hearts.

Route from 720m.-1100m. through fir forests and glades.
Stops: Stream Skafides and Col Koulourdous with possibility to climb on top Aydine (1849m.)
Duration: 4 hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Route from 1050m.-1120m. through fir forests, alpine meadows, ravines.
Stops: Omorfostolos and Col Aspropoulia, overlooking the western Mainalo and possibility to climb Aydine or Mourtzia.
Duration: 4 hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Route from 850m.-1,030m., through fir forests and subalpine meadows.
Stops: Drakospilia (great view) and Plateau Rouhi.
Duration: 5.5 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate

Route from 850m.-1420m. (Misoneri). From there to the Monastery of St Eleousa. Breathtaking view from the rock of Vlaherna.
Duration: 3.5 hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Vytina-Col Alonistaina
Route from 1030m.-1320m., with cave and ravines. After the shelter of SAOO is the Afhenas of Pateritsas (1700m.) with panoramic view.
Duration: 5 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate

Col Alonistaina – Pirgaki
Route from 1320m., next to Mylaontas river up to Monastery of St. Theodore in Pirgaki, with excellent view.
Duration: 3.5 hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Route from 1080m.-850m.
At the plateau of Ostrakina there is a ski center and “Tsoulos fount”, with amazing view.
Duration: 7 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate

E.O.S. Tripoli – Greek Mountaineering Club
The club was founded in 1931 and along with 11 other clubs, consisted the Greek Mountaineering Association, which was a federal union of friends and explorers of Greek mountains.

Lagopati 43, 221 00 Τripoli Αrcadia
Τel. 2710232243
Fax. 2710221344
Email: [email protected]

S.A.O.O. Arcadian Climber Ecologists Club
The club was founded in January 1998 to develop and disseminate climbing, defending the mountainous nature and the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Μitropolitou Daneel 2Γ
Τripoli 22100
Τel. 2710234980 (night hours)
Fax. 2710221799
Email: [email protected]

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