E4 path - All roads lead to Arcadia

E4 path – All roads lead to Arcadia

It is a well known fact that the Arcadians have been found throughout the world since ancient times. Ancient Arcadian place names are found in most parts of the world. It is also known that everyone returns to Arcadia because it is considered the birthplace of the human race.

The Italians, for example, feel they have Arcadian ancestry and it is true, Rome was colonized by the Arcadian Evandros. Although it’s not just the Italians. All ethnicities feel they have a legacy in Arcadia, if not genealogically, certainly spiritually. And they return to experience Arcadia. Reflecting this return Arcadia is included in the international E4 path. This route is under the supervision of the European Union Walk (EWV). The design and labeling has been done by the Greek Federation of Mountaineering – Climbing. Starting in the Pyrenees Mountains and thousands of wonderful kilometers later it ends in Crete in the prefecture of Lasithi. This is one of the best known and loved mountaineers’ paths. Reaching the Peloponnese through Corinth it arrives at Kalavryta and from there continues to Planitero. It then enters Arcadia itself.

From Likouria following the springs of Ladon, it passes through Pankration and arrives in Dara. It includes Tripoli of course, for an overnight stay. Then passing through Vitina through Levidi and climbing to the Mainalo Refuge. After that, passing over the Tripoli-Kalavryta road, it arrives at Kapsa and Perithori, before returning to Tripoli and from there on to Stadio, Psili Vrisi, Doliana and then reaching St. Peter

From here it continues to Karyes and Vresthena to escape the borders of Arcadia, ending up in Sparta. This is a wonderful journey through forest roads offering great exhiliration. Unimaginable beautiful landscapes, cold water, heritage villages and beautiful cities in the wake of this extraordinary path. In all the villages one can find accommodation to rest and local recipes in the tavernas to restore strength.

The ideal time according to the mountaineers to undertake this experience is during April for southern Greece. The snow has not yet melted completely and the hikers are offered a panorama of Arcadian nature.

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