The Chapels in Tripoli – the architecture of reverence

The Chapels in Tripoli – the architecture of reverence

Twenty-four chapels, twenty-four devoutly revered, encircle and protect Tripoli. Each one has its history, its miracles and its legends. Before the Conquest of Tripoli, Kolokotronis stopped at the chapel of Saints Theodoron for strength. A distinquishing feature on the rock has come to be known as ‘Kolokotronis’ seat’.

The visitor will find the chapels well cared for and very much in use. This is thanks to a strong religious tradition in Tripoli. The saints protect the people. And the people in turn protect the houses of the saints. Each chapel carries out a service sponsored by a particular association or society, with a mutual level of exalted spirituality. The Hunting Society is responsible for St Theodoros. The Arcadian Ecological Mountaineering Society, for St Dimitrako as the worshiped St Demetrios is fondly referred to.

St Athanasios, St John and the ‘all-seeing’St Lias together with all the small churches that decorate Tripoli await the visitor. With its tranquility and its views and with its devout atmosphere it is the eternal custodian of the passer-by.

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