Tripoli has a great tradition of openness. Immediately after Independence it was the first city to organize music soirees, it had a social life and they celebrated as much in their own authentic way as they did the ways of Europe. This was logical since they had many influences from elsewhere. Europeans flocked to Arcadia and Tripoli, it was always a much loved destination not only for meditative tours but also for the restless bohemians’ ways.

Their cafes are renowned. Alongside the fragrant steaming coffee, newspapers were born, political alliances were formed and history was written. The ‘Mega Kafenion’ (Grand Café) is famous, a trademark of Tripoli.

Present day Tripoli is as open-hearted as always. Its squares bursting with life, its shops competing with each other to be the most popular hangout, the place that means you’ve been to Tripoli. Actually the shops are all one of a kind. It’s hard to know which one to choose. From early morning until the following dawn Tripoli is always ready to offer pleasure, adventure, relaxation and excitement, whatever takes your fancy. And when you are finished it’s ready to start all over again.


Coffee in the Sun

The pace in Tripoli follows a different set of rules. There’s no stress here. The people are hard-working and it shows. They do know, however, how to divide their time. The visitor, who has stepped out of his everyday life, can sit in the square with his family, his partner or with his companions soaking up the sun. In one of the many cafes he will enjoy real living.

Coffees with treats and cool juices are on offer at the start of the day. If it is afternoon and wintertime and circumstances allow it we recommend having a coffee ‘with a tail’. That means a coffee which is accompanied by a glass of copper coloured brandy or a local tsipouro.  A small violation, a venal sin on those occasions when the cold   creates the need for additional energy.


Midday in the ouzeries – finest spirits

A short stroll through the pretty streets and alleys of Tripoli can uncover some surprising little gems, ouzeries that you will never forget. In and around the squares, and in unexpected charming cul-de-sacs there are small shrines of ‘taste & the art of living’. Ouzo and exceptional tsipouro with meze made lovingly on the spot, that’s how the initiation starts. Usually the ‘masters’ who run the ouzeries have their own secret recipes for a rare dish made according to family tradition.

By taking a short walk in any particular direction you will discover these treasures and be left to the magic of our traditional spirit. It is a treat one should indulge in, if one wants to understand the spirit of Tripoli and Greece.


Tavernas with tradition

The eateries in Tripoli are loved worldwide. They are patronized by locals because they know the people and they trust them.It is true that their main dishes of local meat cannot be surpassed.

Generous portions, wonderful recipes, affordable prices and friendly service are not  advertising inventions they are the reality. The ‘artisans’ who offer their tasty dishes on a daily basis, think of their customers as their guests. That feeling is widespread in Tripoli. Smiles and good conversation are never absent. Courtesy and nobility enthrall the patrons. The tradition of hospitality is very strong everywhere in Arcadia. The visitor is regarded as a sacred person and the care given to ensure he enjoys himself and is satisfied is a duty not a job.

The small eateries and the more high class haunts are exemplary. With excellent wines of course, every taste becomes a symposium, a celebration. Each shop has its own personal touches, however together they share the well known traits of Tripoli, authenticity, tradition and integrity. It is an excellent recipe.


The whole of Tripoli a group of friends – party all night and drink until you see the sunrise

When the sun goes down, Tripoli starts its seduction. Living up to its Bacchus traditions it abandons itself to an invigorating nocturnal get together. Drinks and friends, music and food, people who not long ago were strangers become as intimate as lifelong friends.

In the small eateries and bars, the squares and ouzeries Tripoli refuses to go to sleep. It wants to enjoy and live every single moment. There is always somewhere open, at any hour of the night. Live music is always available. In all seasons, visitors and locals join together, like a wonderful evening festival, like a nocturnal ritual of life.

The sound of music and people enjoying themselves can be heard everywhere. Nowhere else will you find such a night-time atmosphere as in Tripoli. Maybe the ‘old taverns’ have become bars. The ‘Ottoman Inns’ may now be luxury hotels. However, in essence, nothing has changed. The same thrilling energy runs through its streets and alleys. A positive energy, full of good heartedness, that breaks down barriers and makes people feel free and open. A night out in Tripoli is a baptism in true life. The first rays of sunlight mean the start of another day, another special day. You have to experience it to be able to talk about it. It will definitely remain an unforgettable experience.

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