A WELCOME NOTE FROM THE MAYOR OF TRIPOLI – a few words from the heart

A WELCOME NOTE FROM THE MAYOR OF TRIPOLI – a few words from the heart

Dear Friends,
We would like to welcome you to Tripoli. It is a city that we Arcadians love very much and we know that you too will come to love it. We welcome you to every aspect of Arcadian life.

According to the administrative changes introduced by Kallikrates, old central Arcadia has been designated to the Municipality of Tripoli. Today the former municipalities, Valtetsi, Korithio, Levidi, Mandinia, Skiritida, Tegea, Tripoli and Falanthosconstitute one entity, one embrace. We open this embrace wide to everyone.

Arcadia is a dominion worshipped by all, both in Europe and worldwide. Intellectuals and Researchers alike, from wherever they may be, hold a great desire to emphasise their relationship with Arcadia. It is time for ‘the Greece of Hellas’, as Sfyroera said, to become the beloved of the Greeks.

Together as a Municipality and individually, we make sure that our area is a model of development without violating its natural resources and without repeating past mistakes. We keep our municipality alive and vibrant with respect for its history and traditions, with love for the visitor care for an everlasting future.

Those who come to Arcadia always return. They become slaves of their own volition and captives of its beauty and authenticity as Pausanias confesses.

So we welcome you to this wonderful experience. And we promise you that we will meet again in the future. We know that you will come again.

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