Tripoli - the heart of Arcadia

Tripoli – the heart of Arcadia

Tripoli is a vibrant city, less than two hours drive from Athens. It has kept all its nobility and is a model of growth on one hand and tradition on the other. With a notable trade and production history, at the same time it is a welcoming and warm city with a good pace of life and an original style.

The city has a vast history. Its name most likely comes from the consolidation of the ancient cities of Mantinia, Tegea and Pallantio. It is mentioned in the Venetian archives of the 15th century as Droboliza. From the 17th century onwards Tripoli became the centre of Moria. With an advanced trade, an abundance of skilled craftsmen, it became a populous city that travellers and grecophiles flocked to. It became the symbol of the Revolution, the heroic Tripolis of Kolokotronis and Kefalas.

After the liberation Tripoli experienced rapid growth, both commercial and cultural. The construction of neoclassical buildings gives it a cosmopolitan character. King Othonas dreamt of building a retreat here and European intellectuals came to Tripoli to pay tribute to the indomitable Arcadians. The Myth of Eternal Arcadia completely captivates the world. And Tripoli lies right at the heart of this myth.

The great adventure of the discovery of Arcadia begins in Tripoli. Facing the eternal mountains, from the square of Areos, one can decide what aspect of Arcadia to explore this time, as there will certainly be many more. Nobody visits Arcadia just once.

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